Parking app that finds a parking spot for your needs



Parking app that finds a parking spot for your needs



The first version of Caroom mobile app is published and it can be downloaded for iPhone devices. We are adding more parking information and features so the app would serve you even better!

How DOES it works?

Caroom enables personalized parking solutions in real time, taking account of your needs, safety and how you can save time and money by letting the app solve your parking problems.

Caroom searches real-time parking availability using our exclusive systems, and predicts availability of the best spots for you when you need the spot. 

Caroom mobile app is now available for iPhone devices and coming soon for Android.


Save time

Add time to your day. Find a vacant spot near your destination, faster.


Caroom services don't cost you. No additional fees. Park car at the best possible available spot matching your needs.


We want to ensure you can park your car easily and leave your car in a safe place. Safe for you, safe for your car.

Fewer emissions

More efficient use of parking spots and seamless transfer to other transportation methods saves fuel and energy.

About Caroom

About Caroom

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Caroom is your go-to app for real-time parking locations and availability. It was originally inspired by the founder’s frustrations in finding truly available parking near his final destination, and the building frustration with parking costs. To solve these problems, Caroom Oy was established in the summer of 2014 to develop parking and transportation technologies.

Caroom is building a comprehensive database of parking locations in its operating cities, as well as keeping appropriate historical data. Our mobile app is designed to show you appropriate parking and present you with location, vacancy percentage, and the total cost. Parking options can be prioritized according to your personal needs. The service will keep you informed whilst on route to ensure that possibly illusive parking spot is really present when you need it!


Caroom Team

The people behind Caroom

Caroom Team

The people behind Caroom

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Ville Tossavainen
Managing Director

 Amir Morris Enterprise Architect

Amir Morris
Enterprise Architect


Yang Zhou
Financials & Marketing

 Hanna Poranen  UI & UX

Hanna Poranen


Our core team is a group of four multidisciplinary and experienced professionals. We have backgrounds in engineering, high-tech, product design & development, business and sales. And now, together, we are creating something amazing at Caroom!